If We Were Having Mexican & Margaritas … | Vol. 2


Jamie @ Perpetual Page Turner has these great posts on her blog called, “If We Were Having Coffee,” where she talks a little bit about the things going on in her life, the things behind the blogger. She got the inspiration from a life coach and has been doing them ever since 2013!

I’ve loved every one I’ve read, and after seeing some other people do their take on this great idea (like Laura @ Scribbles & Wanderlust), I decided to do my own version. Except my version is “If we were having Mexican & Margaritas,” because I kid you not, some of the most important conversations of my life have happened at my local Mexican restaurant.

(Also, I love tacos.)

If we were having Mexican and Margaritas, I would tell you … that about a month ago, my appendix totally sabotaged me. I came home from work and was feeling pretty weird, and ended up cancelling plans with the beau for that evening. Fast forward two hours, I was calling him to take me to a Patient First. Fast forward another two hours, I’m at the ER. Slow forward (because believe me, it felt anything but fast) another 8 hours, and I (finally) went in for an emergency appendectomy. It was pretty scary, because I haven’t ever had anything like that happen to me in the past and being in hospitals just gives me the heebie jeebies in general. Luckily, I had an amazing support system in that the beau stayed with me throughout the entire ordeal, and took excellent care of me throughout my three weeks of healing. (Side note: I do not do well with having nothing to do. I was going stir crazy from about 2 hours after I woke up from the surgery to the moment I got to go back to work!)

If we were having Mexican and Margaritas, I would tell you … that my reading has been all kinds of wonky lately. I’ll pick up a book, read 10 pages, then read NOTHING (I’m serious, not one page) for WEEKS … and then I’ll pick it back up and finish it in a matter of days. What’s up with that? (I wish I knew the answer.) I’m trying to “force” myself to read a little bit every day, and so far it’s working – I’ve been reading a bit more this past week and it’s not felt like a chore at all. I know I’ve seen a bunch of people having weird slumps lately, so it helps to know I’m not alone. I just want to get back into my groove, ya know?


If we were having Mexican and Margaritas, I would tell you … that I am a department manager for a college bookstore located in a downtown mall (we’re an anomaly in oh-so-many ways, believe me) and not only is holiday coming up, but so is RUSH (what we call the back to school term) and I have ALL THE THINGS TO DO. I spent most of the last week working on staffing plans for over 11 weeks, while simultaneously trying to figure out updates to our phone system and just generally keep my department running. It’s exhausting, but exhilarating. I love feeling like I’m perpetually behind, because it means every day is interesting. Does that sound crazy to anyone else other than me?

If we were having Mexican and Margaritas, I would tell you … something you might already know – I’ve been working on my weight and overall health for about seven months now, and it’s just absolutely amazing how far I’ve come. I used to be the worst at dieting and exercise and meal planning and just general healthy lifestyle type choices, but I’ve made such dramatic changes in my life and it’s made a huge difference – I’ve lost 40 pounds this year! I’m at a healthy BMI, I don’t drink 2 (…3) Mtn Dews a day, I don’t eat food because I’m bored or because it’s there, and I don’t eat out at fast food restaurants 4-8x a month. I’m so excited to go into my 30s in a good place, and not just on the scale; a good place overall. It’s about damn time.


If we were having Mexican and Margaritas, I would tell you … that I’m in this strange place with blogging. I’m not in a slump. I’m not “over it.” I’m not even in a place where I don’t want to blog … it’s actually the opposite! I want to write ALL THE BLOG POSTS, I want to comment on ALL THE BLOG POSTS, I want to share ALL THE BLOG POSTS. However, I can’t seem to find a way to regulate my time properly to make all of these things possible! I don’t know if I need to set up like a mandatory time every evening that I work on it or what but I’ve got to make it happen!

If we were having Mexican and Margaritas, I would tell you … that my planner-ing is basically out of control, especially considering all of the new releases that the Me And My Big Ideas (MAMBI) shop is coming out with in JUST TWO DAYS. We’re talking mini planners. We’re talking tote bags. We’re talking washi like runner tape. Also dashboards and budget planners and deluxe covers and all. the. freaking. stickers. (Decorating doesn’t come naturally to me, and while my handwriting isn’t bad, it’s not handlettering status by any means, so I like having stickers to use instead!) As soon as I can get a decent light box for photos of said planner and stickers and etc, I plan on doing a few Bring My Passions posts about it (the first one was a few months ago, about Vans shoes!). Is there anything you would want to see or know specifically, if you have interest in a post like that?

Ok, I wanna know – what’s going on in your lives? If we were out having Mexican and Margaritas, what would you want to share with me? Would you have any advice or thoughts on what I’ve shared?

❤ Let’s talk!❤


(Oh, and P.S.: if you know me and this blog at all, I would like to emphatically point out that even if I have serious issues responding to comments 98.8% of the time, this post series is exempt from that!😉 )

Top Ten Tuesday: Best Halloween TV Episodes


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly list making meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and it’s one of my favorite things about book blogging! Each week is a fun new topic for us all to flail over, and I love creating my own list just as much as I love perusing everyone else’s! I’ve found both amazing books to add to my TBR pile, and amazing people to add to my life!

This week’s topic?


(Well, technically it was a freebie, but this is what I ended up going with!)


The Office has had so many GREAT Halloween episodes, how is it even possible to pick just one?! (Spoiler alert, I picked two…)

Most memorable part of the episode:
The part featured in this gif, of course! I LIVE for PB&J air high-fives.


Ok, let’s be real – it wouldn’t be a Halloween list without Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin!

Most memorable part of the episode:
*hides under rock as she realizes she really should watch this again sometime soon…*


I honestly don’t think I realized how much I missed Boy Meets World until I saw this pop up in memorable Halloween episodes – now I want to go back and rewatch all of the seasons!

Most memorable part of the episode:
There are SO MANY GOOD PARTS, how do you expect me to choose? I love how cheesy and upfront they do the whole “horror” genre, and it’s perfectly hilarious that Jennifer Love Hewitt starred in this episode as “Jennifer Love Fefferman!” I think the inside jokes are really what makes this episode so good, so I’m going to have to go with the scene above – “Oh my God! They killed Kenny!!” (lololol forever)


I have always been super envious of families that go all out for any holiday ever, so this episode with Claire absolutely losing her mind to have the scariest and best haunted house definitely struck a chord with me.

Most memorable part of the episode:
Gloria accidentally gets Jay a bunch of “baby Jesus” instead of “baby cheeses” because of her accent and a misunderstanding, so she spends the rest of the episode talking in a ridiculously forced (and hilarious) American accent. Dead. I am dead.


This one was a tough choice, because there is another great Halloween themed episode in the Buffyverse (where all of the characters turn into their costumes to hilarious and disastrous results), but something about this one just gets me so I picked this!

Most memorable part of the episode:
As always, I think the thing that stands out the most in all of Buffy is the humor (to me, anyways). This one has a really great ending that I don’t want to spoil for you, but let’s just say I actually laughed out loud when the big bad was finally … revealed.😉


Ok, so I don’t know how I’m just now realizing this, but there’s only ONE Halloween themed epsiode of Friends?!  What, did they just skip this holiday in NYC in the 90s?

Most memorable part of the episode:
Chandler’s embarrassment throughout the episode makes for some really great laughs, but it’s got to come down to the hilariously bad arm wrestling match between the bunny and Spudnik for what makes this episode so memorable.


I don’t know how anyone could ever want to be Leslie’s arch nemesis because HELLO she’s basically the best person on the planet, yet we have Greg Pikitis … yet Greg Pikitis gave us this gem of an episode, so maybe we’re okay with it?!

Most memorable part of the episode:
Andy Dwyer is everything, and Andy Dwyer crying when people are jerks to him is even more everything than Andy Dwyer on a normal basis.


I was a HUGE fan of NCIS growing up (and I’m trying to catch back up now, I think I’m a season and a half behind?), and I knew as soon as I started doing this that I just had to feature one of their Halloween episodes. This one is actually just a fav episode for me in general, so it works pretty well!

Most memorable part of the episode:
How completely in awe of Abby the boys are, and how completely nonplussed she is about the entire thing. (Also, there’s a lot of great head slaps in this episode.)


I’m going to be honest with you here. I’ve seen like 6 episodes of It’s Always Sunny, ever … but this was one of them and my god did I laugh or what. (It’s haaaarrrdddd for me to watch this show, because it is so crass and takes things so far sometimes, but it also has such amazing parts … I don’t know. It’s a struggle.)

Most memorable part of the episode:
The whole episode is being told in flashbacks by different people, and with every flashback the MC of the episode, Dee, becomes more and more of a bird (which is apparently a running joke throughout the series, her being joked for being birdlike). It starts out as a few feathers glued to her costume, but by the end she’s a full blown ostrich and I was DEAD with laughter.



Most memorable part of the episode:


Do we share any favorite Halloween episodes? Are there any that you think I’ve left out? Let’s talk!


Looking Back on September 2016!



I had an emergency appendectomy in September, and OOF. (Not gonna lie, it’s a huge reason that this recap is being posted so late…) It was fairly terrifying in a lot of ways, but it also made me feel really lucky to have the support system I have, both near and far (all of you lovely blog ladies included!). The beau stayed with me the entire time, and I think he ended up going like 24+ hours without sleep (while I was knocked out due to whatever meds they were pumping me with). In the end, I’m so glad I decided to go to the doctor, so glad I have insurance, and so glad I have the people around me that I do.

I finished The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender, a book that I’m reading as a part of the Trans Atlantic Book Project. As loathe as I am to mark up my own books, I have to admit it’s pretty fun to read a book with annotations from others, because it’s like I’m reading it with them!

I finally decided to FIX MY DESK SPACE after months upon months upon months of agonizing over how not happy it made me. (Also, to be totally fair, I think the percocet had something to do with these purchases.) (To be even more fair, I ain’t even mad. Because this space makes me SO HAPPY.)

I’ve been using the Happy Planner for a few months now (although I was a huge fan of their products and had a bunch of their stickers and accessories before, when I was using the Erin Condren Life Planner). But now that I’m in this Happy Planner world, I really don’t think I’m going anywhere anytime soon. I’ve had the girlfriend planner nights; I’ve joined the FB groups; good night, I’ve set up a planner only instagram (lindslikewhoa). It’s a sickness. One I’m only too glad to have, and to share with any of you that are looking for a ridiculously fun way to get your life organized!

recap.8The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton
This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills

2 books this month; 1 ARC and 1 backlist title!
1 ★★★ and 1 ★★★★!

recap.10Flights of Fantasy (13/20)
Backlist Books (25/20)
Rock My TBR (7/25)
Historical Fiction (8/15)
Six Squared (16/36)
Fairytale Retelling (11/6)
Must Read in 2016 (6/10)


This month I spent a lot of time listening to calming favorites from a few years ago, but it was all spurred on from being introduced to the band The War On Drugs. I’m telling y’all, for me, this band and this album is definitely Top 10. If you’re wondering what kind of music I listen to that’s not 80s punk/alternative/rock – listen to this album (or just a few songs!) and you’ve got it.

Here’s the rest of what I was listening to in October!
(Pay special attention to Stu Larsen – Thirteen Sad Farewells … I’ve listened to that one song on repeat SO OFTEN this month!)





In other words, I love Poppin desk accessories. I also love this picture box. I also super duper love this little closetmaid storage solution. YAY FOR PRETTY DESK STUFFS!!!

Woof. Not really the best recap I’ve ever done, but September was honestly just such a mess and about half of it was spent in a total haze. Didn’t get to do a lot of reading or blogging, but hoping for better as the year comes to a close!