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 About a month ago, Laura, Morgan, and myself started talking about doing a readalong post for Daughter of the Forest, a book that had been widely recommended and raved over by some of our blogger/twitter/IRL friends. We started talking about on Twitter, and then found other people wanted to join – so we said more the merrier! This is a compilation of all of our individual reactions and little snippets from our already posted or forthcoming reviews! Thanks for stopping by to check it out <3

Snippets from our reviews!

Kelly @ Live, Love, Read YA – Read her full review here!dotf1

Elizabeth @ So Long … And thanks for all the Fishdotf2

Lindsey @ Bring My Books (that’s me!) Read my full review here!dotf3

Melissa @ Bookmark Dragon – Read her full review here!dotf4

Laura @ Scribbles & Wanderlust – Read her full review here!dotf5

Katie @ Bookish Illuminations dotf7

Morgan @ Gone With the Wordsdotf6

Some of our favorite quotes:

I ran until I was dizzy and breathless, until I reached the far end of the beach, where the rocky headland rose from the white sand. There I leaned my back against the stones and listened to my heart pounding and drew in breaths of wild sea air. I had not realized, had not known how painful a burden had been laid on me, until now, when for a single day I was free.

Real life is not quite as it is in stories. In the old tales, bad things happen, and when the tale has unfolded and come to its triumphant conclusion, it is as if the bad things had never been. Life is not as simple as that, not quite.

I know it’s hard for you to trust me. If I ever find the man who did this to you, who made you so frightened, I’ll kill him with my bare hands. But you can trust me.

You will find the way, daughter of the forest. Through grief and pain, through many trials, through betrayal and loss, your feet will walk a straight path.

Some of our reaction GIFs:

Sad tv fangirling fan girl gif


dotfgif2Tumblr (tonsofgifs)

And finally, our ratings!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our group review, everyone! We had so much fun reading this book together, and I hope it shows in our twitter hashtag – #DOTFreadalong. If you just can’t get enough of Daughter of the Forest, make sure to stop by our individual reviews as well!


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  1. LOVE IT SO MUCH. The formatting is great, I love how you pulled all the reviews together. And I’m so glad everyone enjoyed reading it! What fun 🙂

    1. Yayyy! I love that it ended up working. Can’t wait to find out what you think when the mood strikes you, and you find time to finish! (I don’t mean this negatively in any way at all, haha – I tried writing it like 3 different times and it always came out in a side eye way and I so don’t mean it like that! 😉 )

    1. Kelly!!! <3 I'm so glad you enjoyed it; I had a blast putting it together. Thanks for joining in late, & I'll make sure to let you know if we ever decide to do it with another book <3

  2. This post is perfect!! Looking forward to finishing up my reading and getting my full review posted. Love seeing all the other girls’ reviews and thoughts–such a rich book to read together. I’m excited for the next installment… 🙂

    1. I’m so glad everybody ended up liking the book and this post! My friend sent me the second book and I can’t wait to start it! I have a few ARCs to get through, but I don’t think it’ll take me too long. 😉

    1. Haha that would be me. I did an entire feels section in my post committed to showing everyone my emotions and fan girling through the entire plot of the novel. Haha my favorite is the Christina one from Grey’s Anatomy sobbing no yelling at people to sedate her. That would be me.

      1. I ended up seeing that. “It was YOU!”
        God the entire middle section of that book was torn between sobbing and yelling. So heartbreaking. So much tension. RED.

  3. Lindsey, I have been out of town for my brother’s wedding and so I am SO LATE at commenting. But I wanted you to know that I LOVE THIS POST!!! It was so much fun to read, and I loved how you formatted everything. What a fun read-along! Thanks so much for hosting this, you are the best!!

    1. Awww yay!! I’m glad you ended up liking how it all came together. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to do the whole readalong with you, but I’m psyched we got to include you in the review post. 😀 (We’ll have to keep an eye out for any upcoming books that are on both of our TBR lists!)