Month in Review: January 2017

BANGS! I honestly don’t think I realized how much I missed them until I had them back, haha.

A Lindsey at work in her natural habitat … aka yes, that is really how I sit in my work chair when I’m super focused on something. *cry laughs*

Um, whoa. I’ve been calorie counting for THREE HUNDRED DAYS. I’ve already lost all the weight I want to, but after I hit about 280 days, I figured it would be pretty cool to get all the way to 365 and an entire year! (I’m also using the last 40-50 days to try to wean myself off of counting every single calorie that I eat – which is proving to be a lot more difficult than I thought it would be!)

My job did a raffle for this giant Coca-Cola bear and I did not win it (mainly because I couldn’t enter the raffle because I work there) and I WAS SO SAD. I think I was in the process of saying, “He’s so FLUFFY!” when this picture was taken??

The Bear & The Nightingale by Katherine Arden
All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
That Burning Summer by Lydia Syson

Goodreads Reading Challenge 3/52
Flights of Fantasy 1/20

Historical Fiction Challenge 3/15
Netgalley & Edelweiss Challenge 2/10
2017 Discussion Challenge 1/11
Library Love Challenge 0/12
Audiobook Challenge 0/5
Newbery Reading Challenge 0/15
#ReRead2017 Challenge 0/6

Thank you to Bleachers – Rollercoaster Radio on Spotify. You’ve been lovely this month <3

I’ve been wanting to watch more Hitchcock films for ages, and I really think this is going to be my year – this was actually the very first movie I watched in 2017! Chris and I started watching it on New Year’s Eve, and we finished in the wee hours of a new year 😉

If you’ve never seen it, I definitely recommend it – the basic story is that Jeff, an adventurous photographer, is confined to his apartment after breaking his leg and finds himself passing the time by voyeuristically watching his neighbors engage in their everyday lives while being checked in on by his nurse, Stella – as well as his gorgeous and sophisticated girlfriend, Lisa. Jeff ends up seeing a bit more than he should, and you are left to wonder … is his imagination running away with him? Or is there something sinister going on in this sleepy sunburned Greenwich apartment complex?

I’ll leave you to find out the answer to that question, while also pointing out that this film is worth it for Grace Kelly’s wardrobe alone …

Oh hey look, I spent an entire month watching and rewatching and rewatching and rewatching The 10th Kingdom again! Honestly, I ain’t even mad. I’m sure there are a ton of amazing things out there to see, but I just love everything about this series so damn much!!

I’ve also (finally) gotten up the courage to ask the beau to watch it with me – he’s known for years how much I loved it, but I’ve never asked him to watch it before now. I’m sure all of us fandom people can understand the feeling of something being so near and dear to your heart that it will actually be a problem if your significant other doesn’t like it (or at the very least, appreciate it). There are some parts of this show that can be a bit kooky, and it’s admittedly very long – but it is just so special to me and for 8 years I’ve been too scared to ask him to watch it. Better he not see it and not be able to dislike it than risk him for real disliking it, right?! HA.

But anyways, we started watching it in January and are currently three episodes in (out of five). He’s not over the moon with it (and I think he might have been getting a little bored towards the end of ep 3, EEK), but he definitely sees the charm in it and has laughed out loud at least 7 times (not that I’m counting or anything). I can’t wait to see what he thinks once we’ve finished it!!

As if I do not already have enough going on in my life, I’m now going to start playing with stamps, too! I loved the idea of finding functional stamps to use in my blog planner, and I think some of these are going to work great. (Remember my checkboxes that I put in my planner after I finish a book? I think I’ll use that multi-circle stamp in the top right corner instead!!)

I’m also maybe sorta kinda getting prepared for when MAMBI (the makers of the Happy Planner) come out with their new stamp products this spring!! EEK I CANNOT WAIT.

Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books : The Post I Was Afraid To Write
I know we have a lot to work on regarding diversity, racism, inclusion, and overall understanding and tolerance. But this post, written so eloquently by someone over 10 years my junior (thereby the actual target audience for YA books), spoke to me. I am appalled and disappointed that so many younger readers feel that they can’t speak up on Twitter, can’t ask questions, can’t learn, can’t voice their opinions – and it’s really not okay. Again, I’m not saying things are perfect (because clearly they’re not), but we could and should do better about bringing about change. Just my two cents.

The Beauty Department : Easiest Updo Ever
zomg. I want to make this happen so much! I’ve always had long hair, but I rarely do anything crazy or interesting with it – it’s basically just down, in a ponytail, or in a high bun. Occasionally I’ll get fancy and do a side braid or fishtail braid, but that’s maybe twice a year, haha! I’m really trying to find new (easy) fun things to do with my long hair <3

Wildtree Southwestern Chicken Burgers!

I talked a little bit about Wildtree in this post (which I think I’ll be referencing a lot this year), but one of my favorite meals we made this month was these Chicken Burgers – they were SO UNEXPECTEDLY GOOD! These were from the first set of frozen meals we prepared, and they were the last ones we tried … for what reason we held off for so long, I couldn’t tell you. I love love LOVED these burgers, and we made them with some Alexia Garlic Rosemary Fries because those things are also so damn good. YUM YUM YUM.

I. Love. That. Messy. Bun. Quote.

“Don’t you want to be alive before you die?”
All The Light We Cannot See

“Open your eyes and see what you can see with them before they close forever.”
All The Light We Cannot See

“I know how these prizes are won.”
“Then help us.”
“I don’t want to make trouble, Madame.”
“Isn’t doing nothing a kind of troublemaking?”
“Doing nothing is doing nothing.”
“Doing nothing is as good as collaborating.”
All The Light We Cannot See

{How Long They’ve Been On My Radar} || {How I Found Out About Them}

Wait For Me by Caroline Leech
 Jan 2017 || Goodreads Historical Fiction Lists

Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery
Jan 2016 || By the same author of Anne of Green Gables, another on my list

Carthwheeling in Thunderstorms by Katherine Rundell
Dec 2014 || By the same author of Rooftoppers, one of my top 5 books of 2014

Anatomical Shape of a Heart by Jenn Bennett
Mar 2016 || So very many Twitter Friends have spoken so highly of it!

Pax by Sara Pennypacker
Jan 2017 || @OneBookishMom & @WithTheBanned were talking about this on twitter!

EEK! I can’t believe it’s already February of 2017. What even goes on?! I hope you have all had a wonderful start to this year, and that things continue to be wonderful!! 🙂

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  1. Great post and OMG, I found a happy planner book blogger!! I’m addicted to all things happy planner so I loved your picture and that messy bun quote is so good! I love it. Good luck with the stamps. I’m not brave enough for that yet. I’m barely getting by with stickers, Ha!

    Love the bangs, too!

    I hope February is a great month for you! 🙂

    1. OMG yessss! Happy Planner FTW! I fell off a bit the last few months, but I just bought one of the new ones and I’m going to revisit how I’ve been using it to try and get it to make more sense for me over the next year.

      And I actually ended up LOVING the stamps! Once you get used to them they’re actually really fun and super functional. I was worried about them bleeding through the pages, but it hasn’t been that bad and typically I’m using stickers on the other side so it works out fine! <3

      Thank you for the love on the bangs and on this post! I'm just sorry it took me so long to get back to you - I can be the absolute worst with comments sometime! EEK.

      Happy blogging!

  2. As you know I finally got to finish The 10th Kingdom this year!! I really really enjoyed it, but I feel like it took me a few episodes to get in the groove too haha. I can see where Chris is coming from 😉 Once the story comes together, it really takes off and I loved it. I think I’ll have to rewatch again by the end of the year to really appreciate it too!

    1. Yeahhhhhh, once you watch it like 14-15x you’ll totally get why it’s so amazing. hahah! Chris and I still haven’t gotten through episode 3 yet, I’m still too scared to think he might not like it (which is ridiculous, because even if he hates it he knows how important it is to me and would never say anything bad about it!).

      I’m SO glad you gave it a shot and ended up liking it!

  3. I love the bangs! And that photo of how you sit in your desk chair made me laugh. I tend to sit cross-legged in my chair 😉 And your planner posts are seriously constantly inspiring to me! I can’t wait to go all planner happy with you when the thing we discussed finally happens <3

  4. That’s really impressive about how long you’ve been counting calories! I have always struggled with that but I’ve recently started keeping better track of my water intake in hopes of drinking more. Need to get back into the gym too but motivation has been zilch lately!

    Oooh I really love that hairstyle. I love your bangs too! I also have super long hair that I never do anything with. I’m weird and usually let it drive me to the point of insanity and I cut it all off… I haven’t got there yet.

    1. I think it’s amazing that you can ever find any motivation to go to the gym, EVER. That has always been one of the hardest things for me to find motivation for. Give me a soccer ball to chase, I’m golden … but gym time? NAH. Haha.

      And thank you for the compliment! You posted this so long ago that at this point my bangs are ridiculously long again, but I’m hoping to get them cut soon! And I totally feel you on that letting it get crazy long and then cutting it all off, that’s normally what I do! But I was so bummed after last time, I just can’t. Short trims from here on out:)


    Have you had a chance to read WAIT FOR ME yet? I’m curious about your review!


      And I know we’ve probably already talked about it, but I did finish the book and I DID like it! Hahahahaha. Man, one of these days I’m going to figure out how to reply to comments sooner than, um, 6 months later.

      *hangs head in shame*