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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly list making meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and it’s one of my favorite things about book blogging! Each week is a fun new topic for us all to flail over, and I love creating my own list just as much as I love perusing everyone else’s! I’ve found both amazing books to add to my TBR pile, and amazing people to add to my life!

This week’s topic:

Top Ten Book Boyfriends

Ok, so *insert laughter here*, I actually thought this prompt would be difficult … and then I started going through my Goodreads and realized there were actually quite a few fictional beaus I could hitch my wagon to, if you catch my drift.

Here goes nothing – my top *cough* ten *cough* book boyfriends!


Angus. Jamie. Red.

These are the MEN of my dreams – strong, capable, loyal, swoon-worthy to a fault. Generous of mind and spirit, fiercely protective, and oh, did I mention devilishly handsome?

Mycroft. Jack. Lane. Porter. Jared.

Honestly, give me a bad boy any day of the week – most of the time that bad boy exterior is hiding some serious near-perfection and let’s be real – everyone can’t be happy all the time, you know? Sometimes you just need someone to brood with. (And it also makes those earned smiles just so much more enticing 😉

(Really I’m kind of kidding, mostly, because I mean, jeez, lighten up guys! But also I’m kind of serious because bad boys are the best boys….)

Sturmhond. Thorne. Po. Thomas. Robin.

See, you thought I was all for the bad boys, but at the same time there’s something so damn endearing about the guys with that mischievous glint in their eyes … you never know what cockamamie scheme they’re going to come up with next, but you do know that as exasperating as it’s sure to be, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

Also, as much as I love someone to brood with, I also love someone that keeps me laughing.


Logan. Josh. Mik. Daniel.

These guys didn’t totally make the cut, but DAMN it was a close call! I was also a huge fan of each of these characters. <3

So there you have it – the post that I thought I would have so much trouble with, summed up in just 17 different book characters! (One of these days I will do a Top Ten Tuesday that is actually just 10 characters … but today is not that day.)

And finally, in summary …

Did we share any of the same characters in our Top Ten Tuesday post for today??

Let’s talk!

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