If We Were Having Mexican & Margaritas … | Vol. 3

Jamie @ Perpetual Page Turner has these great posts on her blog called, “If We Were Having Coffee,” where she talks a little bit about the things going on in her life, the things behind the blogger. She got the inspiration from a life coach and has been doing them ever since 2013!

I’ve loved every one I’ve read, and after seeing some other people do their take on this great idea (like Laura @ Scribbles & Wanderlust), I decided to do my own version. Except my version is “If we were having Mexican & Margaritas,” because I kid you not, some of the most important conversations of my life have happened at my local Mexican restaurant.

(Also, I love tacos.)

If we were having Mexican and Margaritas, I would tell you … that I’m currently rereading one of my all-time favorite series: The War That Saved My Life and its sequel, The War I Finally Won. It follows the story of Ada Smith over the course of about 3 years during World War II, after she is evacuated from London with her brother and ends up in Kent with a guardian that, at first, doesn’t really think she can cope with taking care of children. It’s a beautiful testament to family, love, friendship, courage, bravery, and heart – I love it so fiercely my heart grows three sizes every time I think about it. This is the fourth time I’ve reread the 1st book, and the second time for the 2nd book; although this time I’m doing it via audio (which is a damn treat!). I would ask you if you have a book or series that you like to reread every year, and what it is about those books that is so compelling.

If we were having Mexican and Margaritas, I would tell you … that I’m currently feeling very burnt out at work. I still love my job, and I love what I do…but I’m having more days than not where I’m feeling so disconnected from all of it. After looking back through my planner, I think some of it boils down to sheer exhaustion – the last time I had more than 3 days off from all of my jobs was last May, when I was in NYC for BEA. The last time I had more than 2 days off from my jobs and wasn’t stressed or sick? Last May. The last time Chris and I were able to take some time together to go somewhere? Last April for my birthday. JEEZ. I would ask you how you’ve been keeping yourself busy – and if you’re getting enough YOU time.

If we were having Mexican and Margaritas, I would tell you … that my answer to the above issue ^ is to firmly and completely take some time off in the upcoming months. I have some time off at the end of March that I plan to spend doing a mixture of absolutely nothing, a day trip with Chris somewhere local, and some much needed BFF time with my equally busy best friend. I also took off a week in April for my birthday (I’m very fervently and hopefully going to be spending some time in NYC with Chris during that week), and then the week following I’m planning a couple of days in DC with Kelsey (@kelseywelka) to sightsee and go see Kate Nash in concert!! I would ask if you had any vacations coming up, and where you planned on going!

If we were having Mexican and Margaritas, I would tell you … that I’ve been living in my new apartment for about 2 1/2 months now, and I’m really enjoying it! There’s definitely parts of it that are less than ideal (like the fact that I have zero control over the heat, so it’s pretty common for it to be freezing in here), but for the most part I really think I’ve turned this basement into a cozy little respite from the crazy hectic life that I lead. And after years of spending the majority of my time in my bedroom (even when I lived alone!), it’s nice to love my whole apartment and spend time cuddling with the kitties and the beau on the couch. I would ask you about your apartment/house and how things are going – maybe questions about spring cleaning and the like!

If we were having Mexican and Margaritas, I would tell you … that as a part of moving into this apartment, Chris and I splurged and bought a few new things – like a flat screen Roku TV! After spending all of my 20s with a TV that weighed about 100 pounds and I swear was made in 1989, it’s been pretty fantastic to have this lightweight simple TV that can easily connect to the internet and all of my favorite things. I also find it AMAZING that it took me this long to make such a simple change that has affected my day to day life so much – haha. I would ask you if you’ve bought anything recently that has made your life easier, or happier, or better – and what it is!

If we were having Mexican and Margaritas, I would tell you … that as of the past few months, I’m starting to take the future of my career more seriously. There’s nothing set in stone just yet, but I am actively seeking out more training that would make a promotion more likely for sometime in early 2019. I would tell you that this feels like an absolutely crazy undertaking, because I’ve essentially spent my entire life living in the same 20 mile radius… but also that this feels very important for a lot of reasons, and that there’s a really strong part of me that thinks if I don’t do this now, I never will. I would ask you about any situations like this that you’ve faced, where you were walking into the unknown while knowing in your heart that it was super important for you to do so – and how you got through it!

I hope things are going well with you! Do you do any sort of “If we were having coffee” / “If we were having mexican” posts? Tell me in the comments!

Let’s talk!

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  1. Ugh, it’s so important to take time off work once in awhile, and I feel like weekends don’t count! I can go from January through May without a single weekday off, and it can just get exhausting. But even just taking a day or two off can help me feel better about things.

  2. I am defintiely one of those people who is more happy to not do things when I get free time than to do all the things. If that even makes sense. Doing nothing is sometimes the best medicine for me mentally. Your upcoming days off sound really fun though. I need to go back to DC at some point and do the tourist things. And NYC is the best. I haven’t been there in 2 years and I’m defintiely ready for a trip!!