If We Were Having Mexican & Margaritas … | Vol. 4

Jamie @ Perpetual Page Turner has these great posts on her blog called, “If We Were Having Coffee,” where she talks a little bit about the things going on in her life, the things behind the blogger. She got the inspiration from a life coach and has been doing them ever since 2013!

I’ve loved every one I’ve read, and after seeing some other people do their take on this great idea (like Laura @ Scribbles & Wanderlust), I decided to do my own version. Except my version is “If we were having Mexican & Margaritas,” because I kid you not, some of the most important conversations of my life have happened at my local Mexican restaurant.

(Also, I love tacos.)

If we were having Mexican and Margaritas, I would tell you … that August was the worrrsssttttt month for me when it came to reading. It’s not a surprise, really – I work for a college bookstore so traditionally August is a very busy month for us and my brain is just completely wiped every day when I get home. Seriously though, I was reading one book for the entire month and I didn’t finish it until September! Ugh. I always feel so weird when I’m slumping through a book, especially if it’s one that I would finish in hours if I had the brain space for it. …I would ask you how your reading is going, and what you do to get yourself out of life related slumps.

If we were having Mexican and Margaritas, I would tell you … that another reason the end of this summer was so crazy is that my boyfriend and I moved in together!!! It took us a while to find the right time and the right place and the right, well, lots of stuff – but we ended up in such a wonderful apartment that has very quickly become the best home that I’ve ever had. (Which is good considering I don’t plan on homing with anyone else, haha!) It’s been so great to put our little touches on this place together, and getting to come home to him every night is just BEYOND anything I could have expected. I think my favorite thing about the place (naturally) is how I was able to decorate with my books – like these rainbow bookshelves! …I would ask you how you organize your books at home, and if you’ve ever tried something kooky like this!

If we were having Mexican and Margaritas, I would also tell you … that, amazingly, the hardest part about moving in with him is realizing that I have become way more introverted (and maybe just a tiny bit selfish with my time) than I ever thought I was. There is something so totally and completely different about living with a roommate (even if they’re your best friend!) than living with a significant other. All of your spaces are shared in some way, and your time is shared as well. It’s all just learning and making sure we are talking to each other about when we need space (he’s also introverted and needs time for his things) but it’s been weird. I feel … bad? whenever I just want to go be in another room and be for a bit. When I finally copped to just needing me time a few weeks ago, he was super understanding and we had a talk about how we’re so similar in this way and we just need to talk about it. I would ask you if you’ve ever lived with a significant other, and what the most challenging thing about adjusting was.

If we were having Mexican and Margaritas, I would tell you … that I’ve missed blogging and creating and working on something a lot this year (and, to be honest, for most of last year as well) but I have no clue how to get my groove back. I almost just want to force it for a few weeks until it becomes habit (same thing with my poor bereft planner!) because I truly think focusing on both of these hobbies that I thoroughly enjoy would make me happier in general. I would ask you if you have any hobbies you’ve kind of fallen out with lately, and whether you’re bummed or indifferent. If bummed, how would you go about finding the love again?

If we were having Mexican and Margaritas, I would tell you … that for the first time in a long time, I am feeling crazy excited about books again. I’ve always loved them and I’ve been consistently reading about 52 books a year for the past 5 years, but I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve been scouring upcoming book lists and going through Edelweiss and Netgalley and downloading ARCs and just being genuinely EXCITED about what’s to come in the book world and what’s already there – the amount of paper slips I’ve been pulling out of my purse, all covered with titles of books and authors that look interesting, has made the past few weeks such a joy. I’ve gone to used bookstores more in the past month than probably the past year and it’s been SO GREAT. I would ask you what upcoming books you’re excited about, or if you’ve come across any backlist books that have got you stoked recently.

If we were having Mexican and Margaritas, I would tell you … that I started drafting this post about a week ago, and since then a few other things have happened – but the biggest thing is definitely Hurricane Florence. Initially she was set to go a bit south of me (I’m in southeastern VA), and then she shifted about 100 miles north and it looked like we’d really be in the thick of it. Since then she shifted again, this time much further south. It definitely puts on the outer edge of the winds and rain, but we’re still in a bit of a situation because our area floods like CRAZY even if it just rains hard for an hour or two. Most everything is closed and we got the official word that my store would be closed tomorrow – I’m very grateful to be able to ride this one out from the safety and comfort of my home. Sending well wishes to anyone in a more direct path of Florence – I’ve been there before and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Stay safe!!

Here’s to hoping that this “catching up” post is the beginning of many more regular posts!!

What are y’all up to? Reading anything good? Do you have any blog posts that you’re particularly proud of?? Let me know in the comments! (I’m also going to figure out how to get notifications on my phone app again so I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get much better at responding to them in a timely manner!!)

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  1. I’m always so happy to see a blog post from you!! Chris and I have lived together for 5 out of the 6 years we’ve been dating and honestly it does take some adjusting. It’s fun at first because you have a built-in friend or person to do things with, even if you’re just hanging out and watching movies. But it’s definitely hard to carve out alone time. Truthfully we both still struggle with this. It helps if he’s playing video games while I read on the couch. We’re still together, but not doing the same thing. Otherwise, are your schedules the same? Chris leaves for work earlier than me, so I have some time in the morning to read and watch MY shows while he’s at work. Sometimes you have to just be intentional about your scheduling and your time — at least you’re both the same way, that you need space to be an introvert!

    Lauren (Bookmark Lit) recently posted: Lauren Lately | September 2018
    1. Chris works from home, so we are pretty much totally overlapped, haha. That was part of what led to the initial conversation – having lived totally by myself for almost a year and a half I was very used to having a lot of alone time! But all of that is far outweighed by all of the good parts of living together! The best part of it has been all of the spontaneity we have now – we can decide to go to the beach for just a half an hour, or go for a walk to go get ice cream, or have unplanned dance parties before dinner <3 All of that was so much harder to make happen when we lived 30 minutes away from one another, you know? &&thank you so much for always reading my blog posts! I love that I show up in your feedly!! <3

  2. Moving in with a significant other can be so hard, but it’s so worth it. My husband and I need our alone time, too; sometimes it makes me feel a little bad when he says he needs to be alone, but I’m getting over that. One important thing is determining chores/responsibilities early. I kind of took on everything except cooking, and now my husband thinks he doesn’t have to do anything! It’s hard to retrain someone after years of doing things a certain way.