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This idea was borne of many a discussion with my bookish friends (whether it be co-workers, friends, or twitter acquaintances) about our favorite movies, why we love them so much, and why we can’t believe the other person hasn’t seen it yet! When you think about it, we take book recommendations from one another all the time – and really, film is just another way of telling a story. If I trust your book recommendations so quickly, what’s to say there isn’t an amazing film out there waiting for me to discover??

Here’s the basic gist of it: On the first & third Monday of every month, I’ll be sharing one of my favorite movies and why everyone else should set down everything they’re doing, and get to watching it! Some fun things I’ll include could be: how I found out about it, a fun gif from the film, a favorite quote, a trailer, and of course(!), how crazy the rest of you are for not having seen it yet! (Here’s an example: Book People Talk Movies: Amelie) [Scroll down for the entire archives!]

On the second & fourth Monday of every month, I want to hear about your favorite films! There are themes for the different months – maybe 80s films, or Holiday classics, etc. Just fill out the form below if you’re interested in participating! It will be on a first come, first serve basis – I will email everyone as soon as I have you officially set up for your guest post, and will do my best to close off submissions for certain months if they become full in advance.

Here’s hoping for an amazing movie recommendation filled year!!

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Holiday Favorites
12.07.2015 || Lindsey Talks: Alll The Holiday Favs

Animated Movies
11.30.2015 || Andi Talks: The Before Sunrise Trilogy
11.23.2015 || Morgan Talks: The Princess and The Frog
11.16.2015 || Lauren Talks: The Lion King, Among Others
11.09.2015 || Lindsey Talks: The Iron Giant
11.02.2015 || Lindsey Talks: The Secret of Nimh

Halloween Favorites
10.19.2015 || Lindsey Talks: The Frighteners
10.05.2015 || Lindsey Talks: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Binge Worthy TV Shows
09.28.2015 || Morgan Talks: Friday Night Lights
09.21.2015 || Lindsey Talks: Eureka
09.14.2015 || Aly Talks: Buffy The Vampire Slayer!
09.07.2015 || Lindsey Talks: Pushing Daisies

Period Pieces
08.31.2015 || Lindsey Talks: Sense and Sensibilit(ies)
08.17.2015 || Lindsey Talks: Nicholas Nickleby
08.10.2015 || Lindsey Talks: A Little Princess
08.03.2015 || Lindsey Talks: The Young Victoria

Romantic Comedies
07.13.2015 || Laura Talks: About Time
07.06.2015 || Lindsey Talks: A Knight’s Tale

Books as Movies (Adaptations)
06.29.2015 || Daniela Talks: The Godfather
06.22.2015 || Alyssa Talks: The Princess Bride
06.08.2015 || Lindsey Talks: Jurassic Park
06.01.2015 || Lindsey Talks: Stardust

Golden Age of Hollywood
05.25.2015 || Hannah Talks: To Catch a Thief
05.18.2015 || Lindsey Talks: North by Northwest
05.11.2015 || Kate Talks: Casablanca
05.04.2015 || Lindsey Talks: Arsenic & Old Lace

04.27.2015 || Lindsey Talks: Bustin’ Down the Door
04.13.2015 || Lindsey Talks: Bones Brigade
04.06.2015 || Lindsey Talks: 20 Feet From Stardom

80s Movies
03.23.2015 || Brittany Talks: Blues Brothers
03.16.2015 || Lindsey Talks: Breakfast Club (…for the 2nd time, whoops!)
03.02.2015 || Lindsey Talks: Say Anything

Audrey Hepburn
02.23.2015 ||  Hannah Talks: Two for the Road
02.09.2015 || Danya Talks: My Fair Lady
02.02.2015 || Lindsey Talks: Charade

No Theme Recommendations
01.19.2015 || In Your Eyes


03.25.2014 || Breakfast Club
03.11.2014 || About Time
02.24.2014 || Grosse Pointe Blank
02.17.2014 || Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid
02.10.2014 || The 10th Kingdom
02.03.2014 || Was there ever a terrible adaptation that you ended up loving anyways? Here’s mine!
01.27.2014 || Amelie

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  1. Awww, and I just started this month! It was fun! Hope you can get it back soon and that everything in your life isn’t super crazy, as that tends to happen from time to time. I will be checking back in!

  2. I hope this comes back soon. Books-to-film is sort of my yearly reading challenge — to read books with film adaptations. I can talk about them all day!

    1. I hope it does too! Once I can find the time/ability/headspace to regularly post normal things, I really want to bring this back. I was very overzealous in the beginning with the amount of time I thought I had to devote to the blog, and also how much time it actually takes to maintain said blog! Hahaha. 🙂