Signature Dish Saturdays


There is definitely something to be said about blogging and tweeting and flailing in this beautiful and wonderful interweb. It’s how we find some of our most favorite things – for me, it’s how I found The Great Britsh Bake Off (known outside of the UK as the The Great British Baking Show). I saw a fellow blogger (Gillian of the many amazing flails, just so you know!) talking about how much she loved the Great British Bake Off, and how crazy we all were for not having watched it yet! (See the entire flail tweet convo here!)

I decided to watch an episode, and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with it! My boyfriend and I promptly watched the entire season available on Netflix and have been totally jonesing for more GBBO ever since!

From this came the very intriguing idea of having a Signature Dish Saturday here at the blog – where we bloggers/twitterers/flaily fan girls share some of our favorite recipes!

This will end up being an every now and then feature; when I get responses I’ll schedule a date for you! I hope this feature takes off, because I would love to see what kind of recipes y’all have to share with the rest of us!!

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