Rating System

If you would like an idea how books stack up in my opinion, look no further! See below for a detailed explanation of each rating I give.

I do tend to rate books higher than a lot of my colleagues, co-workers, friends, etc. There’s a few reasons for this:

I’m not very critical of books that make me happy. Sure, there’s probably a few gaping plot holes that wreak havoc on people’s minds, but if I close a book and I am feeling that giddy goofy thing only a truly adorable book can give me, maybe it gets 4 stacks when any reasonable person would only give it 3. Also, I tend to go for books that I know I’ll have a real interest in (even when requesting ARCs, I tend to avoid debuts until I know a little bit more about them!). But rest assured, if there are things I don’t like, I’ll definitely mention them just in case another reader might have aversion to things of that nature (be it grammar, characterization, plot devices, etc!)

So here goes:


“Why did I finish this book?? Wait, why did I even pick it up? I had to have seen this coming!”
I can’t recommend this book to anyone.


“Ugh, really not my thing.”
I can’t say that this can’t have appeal to someone out there, but it doesn’t need to take up space on my bookshelf.


“Meh, it was okay.”
Didn’t really have enough to blow me away, but I can’t say that I didn’t like it, either. I would still end up recommending this book to people, both customers and friends.


“I really enjoyed this book!”
This book is definitely worth checking out, and I would highly recommend it. It was an adorable chick lit / romance / feel good novel that left me feeling very happy, or it was a dramatic historical fiction that just gave me all the feels and is so worth a read.


“Loved it, oh so much!”
If you don’t give this one a try, you must be absolutely bonkers, because it is obviously amazing. Probably worth reading even if it isn’t your normal genre. Wait, no … is is *definitely* worth reading even if it’s outside of your genre.


“I am flailing. I have fallen over in book love, and I can’t get up. Excuse me while I faint.”
This is reserved only for the best of the best!


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